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      Fuji Prescale Film: Home page Prescale Film Fuji Prescale Film: Home page Prescale Film
      Fuji Prescale Film: Spare logo    It may be possible that you already know the further Spare's websites, where our complete product portfolio is shown (if not, please have also a look to the left side navigation area), but due the importance of a particular product we support since 1998 (we are in fact a Fuji Prescale Film authorized distributor), we decided to develop a specific additional website, fully dedicated to Fuji Prescale Film, as also to all other complementary and similar means, suitable to perform measurements and analysis over surface contact pressure.
          Similarly to a pressure applied over a carbon paper in getting a carbon copy (but with final imaging results more similar to color fades over a litmus paper), the more sophisticated, repeatable and performing pressure sensitive Prescale Film made by Fuji Film Japan, will allow you to get the local applied pressure magnitudo, as also to impress a detailed 'topographical' map of the true applied pressure distribution.
          In other words, when the Prescale Film is placed between any two contact surfaces, its starting white and dull colorization, will turn into different red (magenta) fades, where the consequent colour density is according to the local applied pressure level, and the whole true contact image will be recorded over the Prescale Film itself, allowing to study and fully understand the developed contact pressure distribution.
          The impressed Prescale Film may be immediately and very intuitively evaluated by a direct visual comparison against the reference coloured table (supplied within the Prescale Film package), or, for a more detailed, accurate and repeatable analysis results, Fuji Film has made available the Pressure Distribution Mapping System FPD-8010E, that will also allow to store the scanned impressed Prescale Film, building, for example an hystorical image database, suitable to be compared with, in order to understand the trend under any quality verification.
          By our website, several useful information are supplied, as also some Prescale Film complementary tools are shown: take your time to visit all the available sections, where data sheet, press releases and application notes are available to support your application solving.

          Visit us at your convenience, as also feel free to forward us any of your advice, suggestions and criticize, and more important, please acccept our apologizes if despite our best efforts spent, you will anyway experience any mistake or incorrect contents on our website.
          Let's discover why every day a more than only significant number of new customers are moving to use the Prescale Film....